Considerations to help you decide whether to have an indoor or outdoor hot tub

Whether you opt for an indoor hot tub or an outdoor hot tub, you’re still getting a luxurious, value-adding amenity for your home. However, there are some fairly significant differences between the two in terms of use, cost and space. These are some of the key considerations when you’re deciding between an indoor hot tub or an outdoor model.

An indoor hot tub

Ventilation is essential. Indoor hot tubs require ventilation – the hot air and steam that are generated by the use of the hot tub need a way to escape or they can cause issues with mould and rot.

Cost. It’s worth bearing in mind that an indoor hot tub may be a slightly more costly option simply because of the need to install ventilation, something that an outdoor hot tub won’t require.

Indoor space. Do you already have somewhere indoors to install the hot tub? If so then, perfect, if not then you may also need to consider the construction of a dedicated hot tub space.

Year round usage. One of the most appealing benefits of an indoor hot tub is the fact that it can be used all year round, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Heat efficiency. Install a hot tub indoors and you’ll find that areas around the hot tub also benefit from the additional heat that the hot tub is generating. If you’re a fan of plants that love humid heat then your hot tub will create an environment in which they can thrive.

Privacy considerations. Installing your hot tub indoors provides optimum levels of privacy. You’ll be able to use the hot tub whenever you want to and you can close blinds or curtains so that you don’t have to worry about the neighbours.

An outdoor hot tub

Maintenance. All hot tubs require regular maintenance to keep them in top working order. However, outdoor hot tubs also have nature and the elements to contend with so a little more maintenance may be required. Debris such as leaves and twigs may need to be regularly removed, for example.

The weather. Depending on where you live, the weather could prevent you from using your hot tub. It’s often rather nice to go for a soak when there’s snow on the ground, even in the rain – but extreme weather such as high winds may be another matter.

Being seen. An outdoor hot tub could put you in full view of your neighbours in a way that an indoor hot tub won’t. If this troubles you then there is always the option to fence the tub off.

Ease of installation. Outdoor hot tubs are often easier to install as space may be at less of a premium outside the house. Plus, there is no ventilation to consider, all the hot tub requires is an open space.

Al fresco enjoyment. It’s quite a luxury to have an outdoor hot tub that you can jump into to warm up, even in the rain or snow. There are plenty of ways to add extra touches of luxury to this, for example with the addition of a trellis covered in flowers, which provides both summer shade and privacy.

If you’d like to know more about how to choose the right hot tub for you please get in touch today.

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