5 ways your swim spa can help you to stay fit and healthy as the weather gets colder

Swim spas are not just for the summer months. While you might enjoy taking a dip when the temperatures rise, once the autumn arrives you don’t have to forget about the swim spa for another year. In fact, if you’re keen to stay fit and healthy then the swim spa has a big role to play in helping you to do that, even when the weather is cold.

1. Warm up and unwind

Heated water provides respite from the cold and frost that can make us feel stiff and numb. Although it may sound strange to venture outside in the winter to warm up, a quick dip in your heated swim spa will help to get your circulation going and warm up every part of the body. There are many benefits to water therapy for every body, especially when it comes to relaxing and unwinding. Whether you’re having trouble sleeping or you’re suffering from physical aches and pains, continuing to use your swim spa throughout the winter can help to alleviate the worst of it and improve overall health.

2. Stay fit and healthy all year round

Winter is a challenging time for staying fit and healthy – it’s often more tempting to curl up and watch a film than to put your body through its paces in the gym or a public pool. With a swim spa at home you have easy access to exercise that will make you feel great. Whether it’s a pre-Christmas lunch swim to work up an appetite or a New Year exercise regime, you’ll be able to stick to your schedule and improve your fitness all round with a swim spa on your property. There are lots of great ways to exercise in a swim spa, from swimming laps to lunges, squats and jumping jacks in the water.

3. Take a break from the seasonal stress

Winter means celebrations, such as Christmas, and that often means family visits, lots of planning and organising and a whole load of shopping and stress. At times like this it can be essential to have somewhere to escape to so that you can take a break from the stresses of the season. The soothing effect of the water will soon bring stress levels down and if your swim spa is outside then you’ll also get to enjoy nature as you relax and unwind.

4. Create some magical experiences

There is something very unique about being outside in a swim spa or hot tub when it’s snowing or when the weather is cold and crisp. So, if you have a swim spa at home then the winter weather could create some magical moments.

5. Soothing aches and pains

Warm water is very therapeutic and is often used in rehabilitation and recovery from injury. Whether you’re healing sore muscles, looking to reduce inflammation or minimise discomfort, regular sessions in a swim spa can help with management of aches and pains, which are often worse in the winter. Make the most of your health and fitness this winter with a swim spa at home – contact us today to discuss your options.

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