What is the optimum hot tub temperature?

Many people will have different preferences when it comes to setting the temperature of their hot tub. Users range from whole families to individual users so the temperature is something that needs to be set according to the use and personal requirements of those users.

Health benefits due to hot tub warmth

Whatever your chosen hot tub temperature, there are many health benefits that have been proven due to the warm water of hot tubs. These include improvements in sleep which can occur due to the water temperature helping the body to physically relax and muscles to be relieved of stress – all of which work together to aid sleep at night time.

Why is hot water favourable?

In some cases, hotter water temperatures can be favourable. For example, submerging your body in hot water causes your blood vessels to expand and improves overall blood flow around your body. This increases oxygen flow, whilst the physical temperature on your muscles can aid healing of injuries, and relieve joint pain. The buoyancy of the water makes this a useful treatment for any injuries or ailments causing pain, as this relieves the strain on the body whilst the warm water reduces pain. Therefore, for users who are using the hot tub to relieve pain as well as to relax, hotter temperatures up to 40 degrees can be favourable.

Cooler hot tub temperatures

Although it can be nice to get into a very hot tub in the winter, cooling your hot tub down during the summer months can make the experience even more enjoyable. The slightly cooler temperatures of around 37.5 degrees, just above body temperature, offer their own benefits too. This is particularly useful for children or older relatives using the hot tub, where the hot temperatures are not as safe for use, however the fantastic thing about hot tubs is that their temperature can be adjusted depending on who is using them at any given time, so they’re perfect for the whole family.

Choosing the right temperature for you

We set our customers’ hot tubs at a starting temperature of 38 degrees, as this is the average temperature that many people choose to enjoy. However, we know that hot tub temperature is a matter of choice, so all of our tubs are easy to use and adjust according to personal preference of the hot tub owner.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our hot tubs, get in touch today.

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