Get the best out of your hot tub in the warmer weather

As spring blossoms, and the months begin to grow warmer, many people are beginning to rediscover the joys of their gardens, looking forward to hot summer days with friends and family. So as we approach what is for many the highlight of their year, how can you make the most of your hot tub once the warmer weather hits?

Optimal hot tub temperature

In order to make the most of your hot tub in the warmer weather, you can adjust the temperature to provide a more refreshing dip. By lowering the temperature, you will not only improve efficiency and save money, as the sun naturally heats the water, you can also provide a refreshing relief from the heat whilst still gaining the benefits of hydrotherapy that come with traditional hot tub use.

If you are craving the warmth of the hot tub despite the scorching heat, a great method is to dip a towel in cold water, ring it out and place it on your forehead. The cold towel helps regulate your internal body temperature, and provides some well needed relief against the hot sun.

Be aware of too much sun

It’s important to remember that, although you might not be feeling the heat due to the refreshing nature of the water, you should still be careful of protecting yourself against over exposure to the sun, and follow the same rules you would at a pool, or the beach. Make sure to apply sun cream to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, especially if you are going to be spending a long time in the water.

Try something new

Why not make the most out of the warmer evenings and try a night-time dip? Many hot tub owners find that they can relax the most when the sun goes down and cooler temperatures settle in. On particularly cool nights, you can crank the temperature of the hot tub to a heat similar to one you would use in winter and enjoy complete bliss as the water keeps you warm and comfortable.

Another great way to enhance your hot tub experience in the warmer weather is with accessories. These can be as simple as some pool furniture such as sun chairs or a lounger, to waterproof speakers that allow you to enjoy a selection of music safely whilst you unwind. On the other end of the scale, a fantastic addition that can not only enhance your hot tub experience in the warmer months, but all year round, is an enclosure.

To find out more about our range of hot tub enclosures, or discover how you can implement a hot tub into your home, talk to one of our friendly, professional team today.

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