What hydrotherapy benefits can your home hot tub offer?

Hot tubs are relaxing – they are luxurious and can be a stunning aesthetic addition to any property. However, they also have a wide range of hydrotherapy benefits that can contribute to health and wellness. There is a real buzz around hot tubs right now and hydrotherapy is one of the reasons why.

Hydrotherapy and healing

Hydrotherapy is a water cure that has been successfully used by many different civilisations all over the world for generations. It provides a supportive and simple way to help improve overall wellness and to contribute to the positive management of a wide range of different conditions. Hydrotherapy is not swimming but instead involves spending time in a warm water pool – which is why your home hot tub is a great way to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy.

A home hot tub and hydrotherapy

The ideal temperature for a home hot tub is somewhere between 36°C to 38°C. Spending time in the warm water and enjoying the massaging effects of the jets can have considerable wellness benefits. It is recommended that you spend between five and 20 minutes in your hot tub per session to really enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy at home. Regular hot tub sessions can be combined with the use of essential oils to enhance the experience, whether you’re looking for revitalisation or simply the ultimate relaxation.

The hydrotherapy benefits of your home hot tub

Helping to relieve muscle tension

The buoyancy in water is a natural aid to helping the body to relax. The supported feeling of floating enables anyone to find some relief from tension, whether that’s as a result of sitting at a computer all day or dealing with the stresses and strains of daily life. In the water everything is supported, which is often the only time that our muscles have the opportunity to truly unwind.

Providing support for the immune system

The hydrotherapy effect of your home hot tub can deliver a much needed boost to the immune system, which makes a hot tub a fantastic resource as the seasons change and coughs and colds are spread. White blood cells are stimulated to carry lymph fluid through the body – it’s this effect that helps to get rid of unwanted materials and which helps to improve the quality and performance of the immune system.

Detoxify your body

If you adjust the temperature on your hot tub upwards to somewhere around 40°C then you will start to sweat. Sweating is great for the human body, helping to eliminate toxins and speeding up recovery from overindulgence.

Improving rehabilitation

Time in a hot tub improves blood flow and circulation, which can be crucial to the process of muscle rehabilitation.

Sit back and relax

Relaxation is essential to wellness and yet it’s often so difficult to find the time and space in which to do it. The warmth of the water in a hot tub, combined with the massaging jets, ensures a blissful way to wind down. You too could benefit from hydrotherapy at home with a hot tub – contact our hot tub specialists to find out more or browse our range of hot tubs online today.

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