Hot tub trends we have seen in 2017 so far

As technology develops and grows, we see hot tubs becoming more and more tailored to meet the needs of users. This means that a growing number of people are now considering buying their very own hot tub to relax, whether they have a large garden or a small outside space that they want to make the best use of. With hot tubs growing in popularity, what are the top trends we have seen in 2017 so far?

Greater efficiency all year round

Running your hot tub is no longer an extensive cost either, which has meant that hot tub owners now get more for their money. More people are concerned about the impact that their lifestyle has on the environment than ever before, so consumers are now looking more at the efficiency of hot tubs when making a purchase. Our hot tubs are able to run at the cost of only pence per day, so that our customers can enjoy their hot tubs guilt-free, and have peace of mind if they’re unable to use their hot tub for a little while.

Using hot tubs for therapeutic purposes

As society becomes more health-conscious, the numerous therapeutic benefits that hot tubs can offer are becoming more widely known. In fact, hot tubs offer physical benefits regardless of lifestyle – whether you’re an athlete looking to soothe your aching muscles and increase recovery time, or simply looking for a great way to relax and unwind, the warm water offers hours of enjoyment to all users.

Larger tubs are becoming popular

Hot tubs are no longer just being seen as a luxury item, but something that is affordable and customisable for your choice of use. Larger hot tubs have grown in popularity this year as they become a fantastic place to socialise and relax with friends and family at home. A wide variety of choice of hot tub size means that it’s possible to find a hot tub solution that is perfect to meet your desires and that fits your outside space as required.

Self-cleaning tubs for ease of use

Hot tub care is one thing that can put potential owners off, but with cutting-edge self-cleaning technology, maintenance has been reduced to a minimum. This is something that we have launched uniquely with Hydropool Canada to enable more customers than ever to buy their own self-cleaning hot tubs and swim spas. This reduces cleaning time to 15 minutes, and ensures that your hot tub water is of the highest quality at all times.

To discuss what you are looking for, give the team a call today and they will be able to give you tailored information depending on what you are looking for.

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