5 swim spa activities to boost your physical and mental wellbeing

A swim spa at home is a great investment for those looking to improve health and fitness and boost overall wellness levels. Swim spas are a convenient size for most properties, a cost effective way to exercise (especially when compared to pricey gym memberships), easy to maintain and available to use all year round. Plus, they offer a versatile range of activities, whether you’re looking to train or to relax.

1. Swimming in a swim spa

Whether you’re looking to teach your children how to swim or you’re training for a competition, the swim spa makes it easy to jump in the water and get fitter and more proficient. Swim against a current that works for you to improve fitness levels and become a more confident swimmer. According to Time magazine, swimming “fires up more of your body’s major muscle groups than other forms of cardio exercise,” from legs to upper back. It’s a supported way to get fitter and healthier, faster.

2. Running in a swim spa

Many people struggle with running on a treadmill, either through pain or boredom. Taking your workout to the water not only provides a more interesting experience but also removes the pressure of gravity from joints and muscles, reducing the risk of injury when you run. In a swim spa you run against the swim current, setting the resistance at a level of challenge that suits your goals, whether that’s fitness or rehabilitation.

3. Rowing in a swim spa

For both professional and amateur rowers, a swim spa is a great place to train or just perfect the early stages of your technique. Rowing on water always provides a more authentic experience and can help with the speed of progress and getting used to rowing conditions. If you never really get around to training because you need to get to the rowing machine at the gym – or the closest water is a car ride away – a swim spa makes it much easier to get motivated.

4. Supported strength training in a swim spa

Without the pressure of gravity it can be much easier to train with weights – and no less effective. Whether you’re warming up for cardio or looking to implement a new strength training regime, combining water with weights such as hydrobells is a joint-supported way to get fitter and stronger. Working out in a swim spa delivers great results and helps to minimise injury and maximise the opportunities for rehabilitation.

5. Swim spas for fun and downtime

Of course, a swim spa doesn’t have to be used solely for the purposes of getting physically fitter. The spa jets are ideal for a post workout massage and warm water immersion has many benefits for general health. Your swim spa can also be a great location for fun and social interaction, from spa days with friends to somewhere to have fun with the family. Swim spas are an ideal additional to any home, whether you’re a fitness addict or just looking for ways to get more out of life. Get in touch today to find the perfect swim spa for you.

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