How can you best enjoy your Hot Tub in the summer months?

It’s very easy to see the benefits of a warm hot tub after a hard day skiing in Verbier or on the deck at home when the temperature outside is heading downward. However, what about the hotter months of the year – should your hot tub sit abandoned in the summer? When you buy a hot tub for your home it’s something you can get year round pleasure from – it’s not a bath; there’s a lot more you can do to enjoy your hot tub during the summer months too.

Hot tub to ‘cool tub’

Adjust the temperature settings on your hot tub to convert it into a refreshing plunge pool when the sun is high in the sky. During the winter months you might comfortably enjoy water that is 102F but when summer rolls around this could be a little too warm for comfort. Adjust the temperature settings down on your hot tub – between 85 and 94F – or just turn the heater off completely. Remember that it’s important to keep the lid on the hot tub if you want to ensure temperatures are low, so that you don’t give the sun the chance to heat it up.

Chill out in the tub like a pool

When it’s cold you might enjoy the warming, massaging effects of the hot tub but when it’s warm it can easily function as a compact pool in which to cool off in. Once you’ve adjusted the temperature then take to the water and keep your core temp down. Add a chilled bottle of wine on the side and some inflatable pillows for the ultimate relaxing experience. Just make sure that you use sunscreen as it’s just as easy to burn under water as it is out of it – and stay hydrated if you’re enjoying cocktails or wine.

There are ways to stay cool in the tub

For example, a cool towel or flannel across the forehead will help to keep you from heating up if your hot tub gets warm in the sun. Keep dipping the towel in icy water to keep yourself nice and cool even when the sun is at its highest. You can always alternate between 15 minutes in the hot tub and a soothing cold shower to achieve the kind of spa effect that helps to brighten skin and invigorate your muscles. Install a rainforest shower al fresco and jump under the coldest setting in your bathing suit to enjoy a thoroughly Roman baths type experience.

Your hot tub at night

If you find the heat of the day a little uncomfortable in your hot tub then opt for a night time dip instead. Temperatures can drop significantly after dark during the summer months and at the end of a hot and sticky day sometimes a warm soak is exactly what’s required. Turn the heat on the tub up to 102 and enjoy a cosy dip looking up at the stars.

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