How technology can enhance your hot tub experience

Technology has improved many different parts of our lives, from the luxury in which we travel, to the agile way we can now work. At home too it provides an upgrade to lifestyle choices and experiences – and especially when it comes to your hot tub. There are two ways in which technology can enhance the experience that you have with your hot tub: the features and the function.

Function-enhancing hot tub technology

The function of the hot tub will be everything under the hood that delivers deeper relaxation and better performance. It’s the nuts, bolts and engineering of the best possible hot tub experience.

High tech construction. Materials such as durable plastics ensure that your hot tub has longevity and performs optimally every time that you use it.

Multilayer insulation. The best hot tubs are made with spray foam insulation, which not only works to ensure a consistent temperature but also contributes to the tub’s structural integrity, prevents heat leakage into the ground below and protects the high-tech components inside the hot tub.

Ergonomic seating. Have you ever wondered why a premium hot tub feels so comfortable, no matter how long you sit for? It’s the result of testing, research and huge investment into the technology that is used to create ergonomic design for optimal seating arrangements. Not only does this ensure comfort but that you get the full benefit of the jets too.

Self cleaning systems. Advanced technology has made self-cleaning hot tubs a reality, alongside filtration systems that are state of the art. Some systems can clean 100% of the water in just 15 minutes.

Exceptional power. The hot tub motor is a finely tuned machine, powering jets, circulating water and ensuring the water moves through the filtration system.

Feature-enhancing hot tub technology

These are effectively the bells and whistles – the chrome paint job on your supercar, the strawberry in the glass of Cristal.

Lighting and entertainment. Integrated underwater speakers and Chromatherapy LED lighting are just two of the ways to add atmosphere to your hot tub thanks to the power of tech. Listen to music, audiobooks or create an ultra relaxing environment with soft lighting to help you wind down before a good night’s sleep.

Wireless control. The ease and efficiency of wireless has been applied to the hot tub world too. Control everything, from temperature to massage jets, by just lifting a finger.

Remote access. You can still be in control of your hot tub even if you’re not in it, making it much easier to monitor filter systems, temperature and any potential maintenance issues.

Aesthetic finish. The range of materials and design processes enabled by technology deliver a much wider range of aesthetic finishes than used to be the case. Tiling, ultra modern stainless steel and entirely bespoke hot tubs are just a few of the options available.

Our range of hot tubs incorporate the latest high-tech function and features, from high powered motors through to exceptionally luxurious design. Contact us to find the optimum hot tub for your lifestyle.

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