What are the most popular choices of hot tub style and their features?

Elegant and indulgent, a hot tub brings all the benefits of hydrotherapy to your home, from relaxation to rejuvenation. Hot tubs can help to soothe aching muscles and aid physical recovery, provide a sociable space for friends and family or a retreat for precious alone time. The right type of hot tub will cater to your lifestyle needs and be simple to use and enjoy.

Self-cleaning hot tubs

Hot tubs require maintenance to function optimally but a detailed schedule of cleaning can add to daily burdens. Self-cleaning hot tubs are incredibly popular because they minimise upkeep requirements. The best self-cleaning spas can filter and clean 100% of the water in the hot tub in just 15 minutes, leaving you free to focus on enjoying it instead. Self-cleaning hot tubs are designed with durable technology that will keep the water in your hot tub sparkling all year round so that you can always make the most of the experience.

Bespoke designed hot tubs

For a truly unique spa for your home, bespoke design is essential. Unconventional shapes and features are easily accommodated into bespoke spas to provide the experience and aesthetics to suit surroundings and lifestyle needs. A bespoke spa can be designed to suit any space and tailored to the requirements of the person using it. Whether you’re looking for a chromatherapy LED lighting system, distinctive tiling or an unusual shape, a bespoke hot tub design will make all your spa dreams a reality.

Tiled hot tubs vs stainless steel hot tubs

The most popular textures for hot tubs today are traditional tiling or ultra modern stainless steel. Both offer exceptional performance but alternative aesthetics, one chic and classic and the other cutting edge and precisely styled. Tiled spas are handcrafted with each tile painstakingly added to the design to create a breathtaking whole. The choice of tiles can vary in terms of size, colour and design and this type of hot tub is a versatile choice for any shape or space. Stainless steel hot tubs are sleek and fashion forward, crafted from marine grade metal that is either textured or polished. Light and strong, the stainless steel enables these hot tubs to adapt to any environment and a wide range of additions are available, from complex jets to underwater sound systems. These popular hot tubs bring hours of relaxation and pleasure to those who own them – if you’d like your own model at home our team of specialist can help you make the right choice.

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