Why are hot tubs becoming more popular in the UK?

Statistics show that despite the unpredictable British weather, 1 in 10 people now have a hot tub in their garden. The average garden in the UK is now estimated to be worth around just under £2,000, including hot tubs, saunas, and other garden furniture and accessories. What are the reasons for this and why are hot tubs becoming so popular in the UK?

Garden use has changed

One of the biggest changes over the past decade is why and how the average person uses their garden. Around 57% of homeowners say that they now use their garden primarily as a place of relaxation. Gone are the days of traditional “gardening” and plant cultivation. The garden is now widely recognised as an extension of the home, where people can feel comfortable and make the most of their outside space. Instead, using your outdoor space for complete relaxation is ideal for many busy homeowners who still want to make the most of their available space.

Luxury garden spaces

A growing trend in the UK is now to own a luxury hot tub or outdoor spa. This can act as a private space, or a place to socialise – with many choosing to own their own pool or hot tub as an alternative (or in addition to) a gym or spa membership. Your own home provides the privacy and total relaxation that you need to fully enjoy your hot tub experience.

Maintenance has become easier

Technology has also played a part in the rise in popularity of hot tubs. With sensors to detect the correct chemical levels, hot tub and pool hygiene has become easier to manage at home, whilst lighting and sound options can be built in for a really luxurious and personalised finish. We specialise in fully-fitted, self-cleaning hot tubs, which means that our customers don’t have to worry about maintenance. With these advancements, hot tubs have become a hassle-free way to relax all year round.

Perfect all year round

Heated hot tubs are popular because they aren’t affected by seasonal changes. They can be enjoyed in your own garden in each season, as heating makes your hot tub enjoyable and comfortable from the warmest summer to the coldest winter months. In fact, hot tub use actually tends to rise over the winter months when the weather is cooler. A range of enclosure options makes your hot tub even more customisable for the environment.

No noise worries

More and more people not only use their hot tub to relax and unwind, but also for socialising and inviting friends to join them. For those living in heavily populated areas, Hydropool are leading the way with innovative new Silence technology which provides a noise-free solution so you can enjoy your hot tub without worrying about your neighbours!

Get in touch to discuss what the best solution will be for you today.

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