Why choose a hot tub or swim spa that uses self-cleaning technology?

A hot tub or swim spa at home is an upgrade to any property. However, some models can be high maintenance and require an extensive schedule of cleaning. Self-cleaning technology was developed for hot tubs and swim spas to help reduce the care requirements so as to allow more time for relaxation and enjoyment. A clean hot tub or swim spa is a thing of great beauty and, with self-cleaning technology, a permanent feature to enjoy.

Self-cleaning technology ensures the water is safe

Self-cleaning swim spas and hot tubs can replace and clean their water around four times an hour. That creates the cleanest possible water for you and your family to enjoy. Opting for a self-cleaning swim spa or hot tub ensures that there is no risk from water that hasn’t been properly treated or regularly maintained. Whether you’re using your hot tub with family, alone or for socialising, ensuring it is hygienic and safe is a top priority – and easily handled with self-cleaning technology.

Maintenance is much simpler when self-cleaning is involved

It’s not that difficult to establish a schedule of maintenance and to stick to it. However, this can be time consuming and, depending on the model you have, may erode some of the enjoyment for you. Self-cleaning technology means that much of the maintenance is automatically carried out by the internal mechanism of the hot tub or swim spa. While there may still be some maintenance to do manually, this is kept to a minimum.

Maximise your own time and resources with self-cleaning technology

Manual cleaning and maintenance is costly and time consuming, both in terms of what you’ll need to buy to do it and the time that it takes. A self-cleaning hot tub or swim spa enables you to maximise your own time and resources so that you spend less and enjoy more. You’ll appreciate your investment a whole lot more if you’re not committed to a heavy schedule of cleaning and maintenance.

It’s much easier to sit back and relax

With self-cleaning technology the water in the hot tub or spa is usually replaced every 15 minutes. So you can relax knowing that the water is as sparkling clean as it looks and you don’t have to do anything onerous to maintain that. Hot tubs and swim spas are designed for home relaxation – if they then require a lot of cleaning and maintenance that purpose is defeated. Self-cleaning technology is the obvious way to ensure that you get the most from your hot tub or swim spa with minimum effort.

Simplify being a responsible owner

Although you’ll still have to do the basics for your hot tub or swim spa – such as testing chlorine levels before each use – self-cleaning technology allows for responsible ownership with little effort. Finding the right self-cleaning hot tub or swim spa is simple thanks to our team of specialists – contact us to find out more.

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