Why do you need a hot tub cover?

If you’ve taken the trouble to invest in the luxury of a hot tub then a hot tub cover is much more than an accessory. A hot tub cover is an essential piece of kit that will help you to enjoy your hot tub for years to come.

A cover will protect your hot tub from the sun

Direct sunlight can damage your hot tub – the sun’s UV rays can do a lot of damage to the fabric of the hot tub. As well as causing the aesthetics to deteriorate, your hot tub functionality and use can also be affected. A good hot tub cover takes the brunt of the damage from the sun leaving the materials and mechanisms in the tub safe from harm. If you’re choosing a cover for an out door hot tub then remember that it will deteriorate more quickly than one kept indoors so it’s crucial to buy a thick cover with plenty of resistance.

Using a cover on your hot tub can prevent tragedies

To adults, an uncovered hot tub doesn’t seem like a threat. However, to animals and small children it is unsupervised water where tragedy can occur. There are too many reports of children drowning in hot tubs or much loved family pets or wild animals falling in unnoticed. A hot tub cover is a simple way to avoid this. The cover should be secure so that no one can get underneath it as part of a game or adventure, and it should be heavy so that it cannot be accidentally moved by the wind or lifted by anyone without adult strength.

Your cover will keep impurities out

Without a cover your hot tub basically acts like a pond, catching everything from passing insects, to discarded food or leaves if outside. Keeping the hot tub under a secure lid will ensure that it remains free from these kinds of impurities and much cleaner and more hygienic to use. This not only makes the hot tub safer but helps to reduce the amount of cleaning it requires too. If your hot tub is outdoors then a cover is essential or you’ll always be fishing out dead flies. When you’re buying a new hot tub cover remember to get the size right and, if your hot tub is outside, to find a mildew resistant material that you don’t have to clean more often than is usual.

A hot tub with a cover will retain heat

It’s not cheap to run a hot tub so, when it comes to cost, every little helps. Hot tub covers are very effective at trapping heat inside the tub and so your tub should require less electricity as a result – at least in the summer months. Hot tub covers are usually insulated with something called ‘expanded polystyrene’ and this makes them very effective when it comes to retaining heat. The better quality the hot tub cover that you invest in, the more impact it will have when it comes to heat retention.

For the best advice about Hot Tub covers and which is best for your Hot Tub, get in touch today.

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