What could your swim spa bring you as an athlete or home user

A swim spa at home brings a brush of luxury to any property. Installing a swim spa at home adds a whole other dimension to your lifestyle, providing the opportunity to train, relax or keep fit as you never have before. At the same time it’s compact and practical and is the perfect solution for home fitness and relaxation.

Swim spas for athletes

If you are on a training schedule, whether amateur or professional, the convenience of having your own pool at home is unbeatable. The swim spa settings allow you to swim at the pace that you want to train at, whether that’s to relax and stretch muscles or to work hard and feel the burn! You will be able to set the resistance you want to swim against to tailor it to goals, such as increasing fitness or improving your swimming technique. And if you’re preparing for a race, then the swim spa settings can be set to provide resistance to build pace and stamina as part of a race training schedule.

Swim spas for fitness

Swimming is a fantastic, supported way to get fit. They also help to avoid injury and increase stamina and strength. Installing a swim spa at home provides the luxury of this facility without having to travel to a public pool or a health club. This can make motivation easier and help you to deliver better results if you are looking to stick to a regular swimming schedule for fitness.

Swim spas for the family

Teaching children how to swim is a rite of passage. It is also great fun! Whether you’re hoping to raise a future Olympic swimming champion, or you just want to give your children somewhere safe and enjoyable to relax and learn a new activity, a home swim spa is an ideal environment for family togetherness and learning.

Swim spas for rehabilitation

After an operation, accident or injury it’s often in water where we find the most effective opportunities for rehabilitation. It is a body weight supported activity so swimming can be instrumental in aiding muscles to heal whilst getting relief from chronic pain. If you are recovering then a swim spa at home is the optimal way to improve your range of motion, mobility, strength and fitness without putting pressure on your body or your daily schedule.

Swim spas for relaxation

Sinking into a warm spa pool at the end of a very long day is a beautiful feeling. Water has an instantly calming effect and, as well as soothing aching muscles, spending some time in a swim spa every day can help to aid sleep.

Whether you are an athlete in need of an upgrade to your training facilities, or you are just starting a family fitness plan and want some motivation, our wide range of swim spas will engage and inspire. Contact us today to find your perfect swim spa.

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