5 benefits of buying a swim spa for your home

A swim spa is a contemporary upgrade to the traditional swimming pool, more space efficient and with a wider range of features to enjoy. Swim spas are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their convenience and the experience they deliver. Whether you’re looking for a swim spa for your holiday home or a residential property there are some fantastic benefits to this investment.

1. Designed for any home

Installing a traditional swimming pool is incredibly costly and often requires extensive construction work that can be disruptive and expensive. The traditional pool is not suitable for the vast majority of properties because of the space that it requires – urban townhouses and apartments in overcrowded cities like London often simply can’t accommodate one. The swim spa is much more compact and can be installed in a much wider range of different spaces, as well as being a much more cost effective choice.

2. Easier ongoing maintenance

Swim spas are much simpler and less time consuming to maintain than other pools or hydrotherapy options. There is less surface area to clean and the ongoing maintenance requirements are much less onerous.

3. Fitness gains

Thanks to the jets in a swim spa you can train in the water to your heart’s content, whether you’re getting ready for a sporting event or starting a new fitness regime. The adjustable jets allow you to set the resistance at a level that works for you and you can swim for strength training, fitness or weight loss. There are also lots of additional options with a swim spa to help keep your fitness routine varied, from exercise bands to rowing bars and even an underwater bike. It’s much easier to stick to your fitness goals when getting there is interesting.

4. Wellness benefits

Hydrotherapy has been employed by generations to enjoy wellness gains, from improved circulation due to the warmth of the water, through to pain relief. A swim spa at home brings all the benefits of a hot tub with relaxing jets for self massage and the cleansing effect of the warm water on the skin and hair. Hydrotherapy, such as a swim spa, also offers a supported way to exercise, to help avoid injury, and can provide soothing relief from inflammation and joint pain caused by conditions such as arthritis.

5. Portability

Swim spas are much more portable than something like a swimming pool, which means you can enjoy a wider range of use. You’ll have more choice about where you can position the swim spa and the option of moving the swim spa, depending on the type of model that you opt for. So, if you move house or go on an extended holiday, you don’t have to leave your favourite fitness and relaxation resource behind. A swim spa is an ideal contemporary solution to many needs, from home fitness to pain relief. Contact our team today to discuss your options and to find the ideal swim spa model for your property.

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