5 ways that swim spas assist with exercise and improve your workouts

Swim spas are fantastic for relaxation, socialising and cooling off in the summer months. They also have a lot of advantages for those who are keen to optimise workout time. Whether you’re starting a new exercise regime and looking to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time, or you’re an athlete in training, there are many ways in which swim spas can support better workouts.

1. You can do more than swim

Swimming is a fantastic use of a swim spa and often the activity that most people try first. It uses virtually every part of the body and is a great option as low-impact exercise that really helps to achieve results. However, swimming is not the only option in a swim spa. Today, you can do a whole lot more, from weight lifting to aerobics.

2. Working out in water is available to everyone

While gym workouts might not suit some ages or bodies, and classes or road running could be difficult for others, working out in the water is something that everyone can do. If you have joint pain or are looking to avoid high-impact exercise, a swim spa provides a safe and soothing way to get a great workout. If you’re super fit but keen to do more with daily exercise, a swim spa can be a new and challenging environment to tackle.

3. A full body workout

When you’re working out in a swim spa you’re activating many different parts of the body at the same time. Even something as simple as walking in a swim spa – or doing a basic aqua aerobics workout – can help with everything, from improving balance to training your core muscles. A swim spa provides the opportunity for a true full body workout that tones, strengthens and also gives your cardiovascular fitness a boost.

4. Water always pushes back

Working out in water tends to require less effort to achieve more, as the water will naturally push back against everything that you do. This makes it a great way to optimise a workout and to get the best results from all the effort that you put in. The more you push in water, the more the water resists, ensuring that anyone can have a fantastic workout in a swim spa, whatever your fitness level and goals.

5. Set the resistance to suit you

As well as the natural resistance that is offered by working out in water, a swim spa also has a wide range of options to set your own resistance level via the current. Low resistance is great for those just starting to work out - or looking for a recovery workout - and high resistance is incredibly challenging and tough. Whether you swim against your chosen current strength or use the resistance range for another activity, you’ll have a much wider selection of more diverse workout options with a swim spa at home. We can help you find the perfect swim spa for your property – contact us to find out more.

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