Ensure long life for your Hot Tub by following these tips

There are a number of Hot Tub providers across London and the UK who will tell you that maintaining a Hot Tub is difficult, expensive and time-consuming. However, with the right knowledge and understanding of your personal Hot Tub, it has never been simpler. Here are 5 simple Hot Tub mistakes to avoid, which will make ownership much easier:

#1 – Don’t use ozonators as a replacement for chemicals

Ozonators can’t replace chemicals, since they are not as effective as sanitiser solutions. Bromine or similar chemicals must also be used, although ozonators do decrease the volume of chemicals needed by around 25% when used properly. Anasa specialises in providing self-cleaning Hot Tubs, Pools and Swim Spas, which means that the whole process of maintenance is reduced and made much simpler, which is ideal for home users who don’t want to waste time balancing chemical solutions. Instead you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying your Hot Tub.

#2 – No need for Antifreeze

For standard Hot Tubs, they may freeze in the winter if they are switched off and not used. However, adding Antifreeze can cause problems that affect the system. This can become difficult to completely remove, but it can be extremely toxic when absorbed through the skin. All of Anasa’s Hot Tubs are designed for being heated throughout the winter, and continuously through the year, meaning that they will never freeze over and will be ready for use any time you wish. This means that there is no need for Antifreeze when using our Hot Tubs.

#3 – Get support and help with maintenance

In large quantities, chlorine can act as an irritant to skin, but this should never be the case. Imbalanced water pH is the most common cause for skin irritation through Hot Tub use, but quick weekly checks can avoid this. Instructions and support from Anasa are always available to ensure that the cleaning chemicals in your Hot Tub are balanced to enable you to enjoy a place of relaxation, with low maintenance, and completely worry-free.

#4 – Use specialised products for Hot Tub longevity

Household cleaning products such as bleach are not designed for use with your Hot Tub. Using them can cause damage and premature wear, including significant damage to both the interior and exterior, cover and filters. Instead, pick specially-balanced chemical solutions to maintain your Hot Tub as this will give you the longest product life possible. Anasa London’s team are always on-hand to advise you about any questions you have, and we can recommend the best products.

#5 – Clean your filter with care

The best way to maintain your Hot Tub if you need to clean the filter is to soak it in a specialised solution for a couple of hours before simply rinsing off. Putting it through a dishwasher can damage the filter and cause premature deterioration in quality. Our Hot Tubs are all designed to require minimal self-cleaning, so that our customers can enjoy their products to the maximum. Our self-cleaning technology means that there are minimal manual cleaning processes required, and this also maintains your Hot Tub properly that that it will last a lifetime.

If you have any questions or need advice about maintaining your Hot Tub, please give us a call today and our team will be happy to help.

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