Tips for creating a bespoke luxury hot tub area in your garden

A hot tub at home is a way to bring a touch of luxury to any property. The space you create for your hot tub, the way you position it and the type of hot tub that you choose will all have an impact on how you experience it. If you want to optimise your hot tub experience then these are our tips for creating a bespoke luxury hot tub area in your garden.

Location considerations are key

There are many different elements that make up the perfect spot for your hot tub. For example, are you looking for privacy and seclusion or a sociable location that is conveniently close to your home? If there is one place in your garden where the views are especially spectacular then is that the ideal place to position your hot tub? Start by working out how you want to enjoy your hot tub and then identify the ideal location in your garden that will enable you to do just that.

Choosing the right hot tub is important

Research is essential when it comes to finding the right hot tub. How many people do you want your hot tub to seat and what kind of features do you want it to have? Do you simply need a hot tub to relax in or are you looking for advanced therapeutic jets or even an entertainment system too? Hot tubs come in many different styles, shapes and sizes and choosing the right one for you, and for your space, is key.

An enclosure could enhance your hot tub area

Enclosures can be practical and they can be stylish. From providing privacy and shade, to making your hot tub into a design feature, an enclosure, pergola or gazebo could be a great way to create the ideal space for your hot tub in your garden.

Good decking does more than just deliver on aesthetics

It’s true that hot tub decking can look fantastic and transform the hot tub area in your garden into something exceptionally stylish. However, decking can also be important for comfort and safety, providing a non-slip surface that you can use when you’re getting into, or out of, the hot tub. Make sure you find decking that is scratch proof and slip resistant, incorporating materials and design that reflect the surroundings and have a natural, elegant finish.

Plants and flowers are the perfect way to finish off your hot tub area

Perhaps you’ve chosen a pretty hot tub pergola – in which case climbing plants or flowers would be a beautiful addition. Alternatively, you may have opted for a bold and contemporary decking that would be perfectly complemented by dramatic tropical flora and fauna. To create a really distinctive bespoke space for your hot tub in your garden, put a little thought into the plants and flowers that you choose. When it comes to choosing the perfect hot tub, we can help you make the right decision – contact us today to find out more about features and designs.

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