Considerations to help you decide whether to have an indoor or outdoor hot tub

Whether you opt for an indoor hot tub or an outdoor hot tub, you’re still getting a luxurious, value-adding amenity for your home. However, there are some fairly significant differences between the two in terms of use, cost and space. These are some of the key considerations when you’re deciding between an indoor hot tub or an outdoor model.

An indoor hot tub

Ventilation is essential. Indoor hot tubs require ventilation – the hot air and steam that are generated by the use of the hot tub need a way to escape or they can cause issues with mould and rot.

How technology can enhance your hot tub experience

Technology has improved many different parts of our lives, from the luxury in which we travel, to the agile way we can now work. At home too it provides an upgrade to lifestyle choices and experiences – and especially when it comes to your hot tub. There are two ways in which technology can enhance the experience that you have with your hot tub: the features and the function.

Why aromatherapy and your hot tub create the perfect combination

A hot tub is a fantastic way to ease out aches and pains and feel thoroughly pampered. It can also be a wonderful sensory experience that brightens the mind and uplifts the soul – and all it takes is a few drops of the right essential oil. The combination of aromatherapy and your hot tub is heaven scent. From a soothing soak, to an enlivening experience it’s a luxurious way to enhance your day.


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