Tips for creating a bespoke luxury hot tub area in your garden

A hot tub at home is a way to bring a touch of luxury to any property. The space you create for your hot tub, the way you position it and the type of hot tub that you choose will all have an impact on how you experience it. If you want to optimise your hot tub experience then these are our tips for creating a bespoke luxury hot tub area in your garden.

5 ways that swim spas assist with exercise and improve your workouts

Swim spas are fantastic for relaxation, socialising and cooling off in the summer months. They also have a lot of advantages for those who are keen to optimise workout time. Whether you’re starting a new exercise regime and looking to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time, or you’re an athlete in training, there are many ways in which swim spas can support better workouts.


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