What positive effects does hydrotherapy have on the body?

For many years, hydrotherapy has been used as a treatment of different conditions including arthritis and other related rheumatic conditions. By completing a range of targeted exercises in the correct environment, the effects of these ailments can be significantly reduced. Our range of bespoke hot tubs makes hydrotherapy a luxurious, convenient and life changing experience.

Why choose a hot tub or swim spa that uses self-cleaning technology?

A hot tub or swim spa at home is an upgrade to any property. However, some models can be high maintenance and require an extensive schedule of cleaning. Self-cleaning technology was developed for hot tubs and swim spas to help reduce the care requirements so as to allow more time for relaxation and enjoyment. A clean hot tub or swim spa is a thing of great beauty and, with self-cleaning technology, a permanent feature to enjoy.

What are the most popular choices of hot tub style and their features?

Elegant and indulgent, a hot tub brings all the benefits of hydrotherapy to your home, from relaxation to rejuvenation. Hot tubs can help to soothe aching muscles and aid physical recovery, provide a sociable space for friends and family or a retreat for precious alone time. The right type of hot tub will cater to your lifestyle needs and be simple to use and enjoy.


About Our Trusted Partners

The World of Hydropool specialise in providing hot tubs, swim spas, pools and gazebos and have experience of over 50 years in this industry. We also offer servicing and post-sales care for all of our customers to make sure that our customers get the best out of their hot tub.